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About scalp conditions

Dandruff, seborrhoeic eczema (also known as cradle cap in babies) and scalp psoriasis are the most common scalp conditions. These can be recognised from diagnostic signs such as flakes of skin in the hair, pink and itchy areas on the scalp or dense scaling on the scalp. The causes of dandruff, eczema and psoriasis are still unknown.

Shampoos are popular for the treatment of scalp conditions. In dandruff and seborrhoeic scalp conditions, a yeast (which is normally present on the scalp) can proliferate and make the condition worse. Health professionals may recommend a shampoo, which is active against this micro-organism.

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Nicam 200X200


Steroid application containing betamethasone, a potent steroid, which is available only on prescription for the treatment of dermatoses of the scalp, such as psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Nicam 200X200

CapasalTM Therapeutic Shampoo

Triple-action shampoo for dry, scaly scalp conditions such as psoriasis, cradle cap, seborrhoeic dermatitis/eczema and dandruff. Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo may also be used to remove previous scalp applications. Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo is a medicinal product.

Nicam 200X200

CapasalTM Herbal Shampoo

Capasal Herbal Shampoo is a non-medicated product containing tea tree oil to help manage dandruff. It contains 2% tea tree oil, a natural antimicrobial, and coconut oil, which soothes dry itchy scalps and conditions the hair. This cosmetic treatment helps clear dandruff leaving the scalp feeling cleansed and refreshed, whilst giving body to the hair. Capasal Herbal Shampoo is a cosmetic product.

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